What are the Akashic Records?The word “akashic” derives from the sanskrit word “Akasha” which means “ether” or “boundless space” or “primary substance”.   So the akashic records are energetic files that exist in the etheric realms.  These files are personal to every human being and hold every detail connected to the soul’s journey through time.  So, they are also known as “The Book of Life”.Now, imagine a library that has no limits… Imagine its shelves being filled with countless books with countless pages…. Imagine it, being in a sacred place that no man can access physically or see with physical eyes, but still it is there. It is there as a reality that exists beyond space and time and it’s made up with pure energy or divine light.Although the Universal Akashic Records are held in a specific abode, the akashic records of each one of us is also held within our personal Divine Matrix – within our personal vibration of our physical existence.Every thought, every word, every action of the individual and his interactions with the rest of the creation, throughout its many incarnations and sojourns on this planet are registered on these etheric pages. It’s where one can find the past, present and future of every living being.

The akashic records are very interactive and changeable. We constantly interact with them and bring changes to them even if we are not consciously aware of it.

However, there are many ways we can consciously able to access them like through hypnosis – a method that Edgar Cayce used – through deep meditation; through past life regression; through an energetic connection of a healer with someone’s energy field; or through a sacred prayer which works like an access key to the etheric realms.  The last two is what I use for myself and for my clients.

Being able to access our akashic records gives us the opportunity to access the answers we seek to all of our questions, to find solutions to our problems, receive guidance on demand and clarity as to where we are and where we are heading.

Accessing the akashic records is the most self empowering tool I have found for my personal ans spiritual progress and the and most helpful tool when coaching my clients.

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Konstadina SKonstadina Sadoriniouadoriniou, founder of Rays of Empowerment & Healing, is a positive change coach, intuitive mentor & healer, speaker and author. Her mission is to facilitate individuals discover their uniqueness, remove their limitations & restrictions, so they can re-claim their power, unleash their potential and create a life of abundance. To receive her free e-course “The 7 Easy Steps to Abundance Mastery” as well as her weekly empowering and motivational tips towards self mastery and professional success, visit her website www.raysofempowerment.com