Here is your Weekly message from the Akashic Records #5 – an Akashic Records Reading

Here the Keepers of the Akashic Records, the Archangels and the Ascended Masters through the Wisdom of the Cosmic Library provide a message for you for the coming week. If you listen to it then it is for you.  This is the message number 5.

I received this message couple of days back and I was wondering if and when something was about to happen in the world.  Today I heard about yet another terrorist attack in France….

The message today is clear: stay in the flow of inner peace & bliss to maintain your sanity…


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Channeled message from the Akashic Records through Konstadina Sadoriniou

“Weekly message # 5

YES! You did it. Once again you allowed the flow to take you to the journey of no return that gives peace and joy to your heart and to your mind.  OH!…. you don’t know you did it?  Sometimes things happen on their own as this is part of the experience of your own soul and something triggers the memory of that journey.  The journey of no return means the journey which is constant, ongoing, unlimited…. constantly moving forward, sailing in the flow of the tranquil waters of the human consciousness that is beyond the limitations of the 3 dimensional world.

You did it, we tell you! Was it in your awaken state it or was it in your sleep?… Either way you felt it.  Did it last a minute or hours?.. it matters not at this point.  What matters is that you did you it! You achieved it! In this present life you have received the taste of it and this taste can not now be forgotten.  Do you understand? It can not be forgotten, however, it can drift back to a sleeping pattern if you do not consciously try to use it again and again.

Because now that you have achieved it – and we congratulate you for that – you need to own it, you need to make it a part of you so you can quickly and easily invoke it whenever you need it – according to the need of the hour.  Because dear one, we want you to know this:  You will need it in the future.  And if you want to keep your own sanity from the things that might run through your path either it is very personal or more universal, it so VERY needed to be able to maintain your state of being in that constant flow of peace and bliss irrelevantly to what is happening around you.

You did it! Dear one. Now practice it often so you can own it.  And so it is!”

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