Here is your Weekly message from the Akashic Records #4 – an Akashic Records Reading

Another great message that focuses on the Art of Patience, why it’s important and how to easily develop it.

In case you don’t understand something I have included the written message too.

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Channeled message from the Akashic Records through Konstadina Sadoriniou

“Greetings beloved ones!

We wish to speak to you today about the art of patience. 

WE know…. yes, we do… you don’t like this word very much, because society of present has taught you to want everything fast, here and now.  And that is your wish that you have whatever you desire, right away in front of you. 

For some matters perhaps this would be OK but for some others might not so. Not just for the things that are not desired but still affirmed due to inner limitations like fear or expectations, but for the good ones as well.  It is of the human reality that things take time to ripe. 

Imagine if you were given a fruit that has not reached it’s full potential.  You wouldn’t like it would you? It wouldn’t taste the same.  You wouldn’t be ready for it as it is not ready for you.  It is in the wisdom of nature that things take their own unique time according to the making of the seed.  A thought is also a seed.  It’s content, it’s quality it’s strength it’s purpose it’s capacity determines if this seed is going to flourish or not and when it’s going to flourish. 

We understand that delay in seeing your seed spout makes you worry that it might not sprout.  It also has been part of your past experience that not all of the seeds you have plated bared fruit.  So you worry and lack belief that the present seeds, your present thoughts, your present desires will not come to fruition.  Will not be manifested. 

But if you have checked that your seed is of highest quality, that you have planted it well in rich grounds and that you water and nourish it regularly, it will come to life at it’s own time when it is appropriate, when it’s ready, when you are ready and the Universe is ready for it.  It then just requires you to be patient, to wait. And this can only be achieved if you believe that it is bound to happen. 

This is the secret of the art of patience. 

If you have done all the right things, and you believe in the power of the Universal laws of Attraction, Manifestation and Creation, if you believe in your power, then patience comes naturally with understanding and maturity.  Do you understand? 

We love you so very much. And we can not see your suffering.  We want you to thrive. And thrive you will. It is in your destiny.  It is in the blueprint of your being.  Because you are like God as god you are, beautiful one.

Breathe deeply and wait for things to unfold with positive anticipation.  Because what you have wished with pure desire and intention is already there in the energetic planes of your existence.  We greet you with love. And so it is..”

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copyright 2016 – Konstadina Sadoriniou –

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