Here is your Weekly message from the Akashic Records #3 – an Akashic Records Reading

This one touched me deeply.

In case you don’t understand something I have included the written message too.

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Channeled message from the Akashic Records through Konstadina Sadoriniou

“Oh great one!

It is you that will bring forth the Light of the Creator that will touch the whole of humanity. Did you know? Do you know? Have you even ever thought of it it dear one?…

You are such a beloved one, such a beloved one because you have come forth to serve humanity with your very own unique way.

It really touches our heart deeply that sometimes you feel lost and confused and weak, unable to fulfill what you have come forth, because you feel unable to experience who you truly are. This is the issue. This is the real problem beloved one. Do you understand?

Aaaaaaah, we feel you pain… we do… even though it does not touch us in a way that we lose our own balance we still are able to feel you with an understanding that goes beyond the ordinary human perception.

Dear one, we promise you that all the confusion, all the pain, or the wondering and the despair will all vanish completely once you allow yourself to fully connect with your true self. Sometimes you seek us, and wish to connect with us and this does take place as per your request and intention however, this connection is not the ultimate path to being in your present reality as you truly are.

Only when you join hands with your High Self and bring forth the energies of your I AM Presence will you gain clarity of the special being that you are and the special role that you play, or rather the special role that you have come forth to play.

Because when you are swimming in the waters of confusion and despair, it is not possible for you to do that. So allow yourself to dive deep in the waters of your I AM again and again so that you can be rejuvenated more and more, building in this way the confidence that this is not just games of the mind, it’s not just your imagination but it is truly that who you are. Then you will see how the path will become clear, the role will become clear and the journey will be easier. Do you understand beloved one. Do not despair.

We have not pushed you forward to suffer. We have pushed you forward to fly. To realise that you have strong wings and you can fly. Do you understand? Fly dear one. Fly!… with the power of your I AM. We love you and encourage you today to discover the unique piece of God that you are. And so it is.”

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copyright 2016 – Konstadina Sadoriniou –

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