This is an EFT session on how to remove money blocks working on subconscious limiting beliefs.

healing session with DomiziaDomizia kindly offered to have this session with me and as always was a great pleasure to see how EFT helped once again eliminate the intensity of negative emotions stored in the Matrix – energy field – from past hurtful events and by doing so, changing any negative beliefs that work as blocks to prosperity, abundance and success.

There were so many negative beliefs that have been blocking her life towards greater empowerment and abundance like those of helplessness and powerlessness but once we worked on quite a few of them these beliefs had no power on her anymore and she felt freater freedom, release and relief, more confidence and hope for the future.




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If you have an issue that concerns you and you would like to also clear use this session to tap along and receive what we call “borrowing benefits”.  Make sure you rate the intensity of your emotions before and after each tapping to measure your progress.

And if you would like to personally work with me on helping you clear all these blocks to your prosperity, abundance and progress by clearing past hurtful events that are still affecting your present, contact me for a complimentary strategy session.  CLICK HERE.


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