In this programme we access your akashic records and your Matrix to discover those things in your present and past which block you in any way: either block your potential, or block your progress, block your success, block your happiness and joy.

Then we work together using a variety of techniques to remove these blockages from your being, your akashic records, your Matrix and your life, so you can achieve your dreams and live the life of you desire and deserve.


“During the first session I was able to gain a greater insight and understanding about the lesson behind my feelings of guilt about becoming wealthy and abundant and it has to do with learning to accept that everyone is on their own path – it is important for me to honour that, especially when I see someone in what I consider to be lacking in (esp.) wealth.

After the second session I’m noticing that I now am able to let go of worrying – sense of lack, fear over attracting money and abundance. The gift I see from the inability to receive, accept and feel worthy of financial prosperity and abundance is that not only am I working in this life to set and keep my own boundaries but it is very important for me to see, honour and respect other’s boundaries. In other words, just because I can see where a person could be, does not mean that I have to march in and make this happen. The session today was wonderful – I feel a sense of freedom, excitement and perhaps a little nervousness (in a good way!).

It was very empowering to go back into the lifetime that this imprinting happened in and re-write my Akashic records. I am smiling more that I have for a long time – I do not feel stuck. It’s been over a week now since my healing sessions – I am still using the affirmation from time to time. Overall I am aware of a wonderful shift in my being.

I am still very busy with my work and my business development but, I have really noticed a joy in what I am doing, there is a definite relaxation into doing what I love to do. On review of the process and journey I have been on since starting this healing work with you, I am aware of the positivity that I seem to have harnessed.

I know that all of my needs are looked after and I am worthy and accept wealth and opportunity… In fact, there seems to be so much opportunity bubbling up for me right now that I have booked the morning off for myself tomorrow just to plan and strategize.”

Much Love,

Moira Hutchison

Wellness Practitioner
Ottawa, Canada




IF you are serious about releasing all the restrictions that are holding you back this is the time to do it!

 Consultations usually take place via phone or skype.

This programme works best as a follow up to the Formula of Abundance Coaching Programme.

There is a minimum commitment of 1 month for this programme.


Konstadina has been qualified in many modalities:

• Life Coaching
• Emotional Freedom Techniques
• Stress Management Consultancy
• EMF Balancing Technique
• Inverse Wave Therapy
• Aromatherapy
• Anatomy & Physiology
• Reiki and various other energy modalities

She has also studied and practised extensively the concept of Divine Matrix or the Akashic Records, Energy Medicine, Angel Medicine and Matrix Re-imprinting. She has also developed her own techniques like: Holistic Vibrational Technique, Matrix Regeneration and Chakra Re-structuring.

Konstadina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with Specialisations in Management and Marketing and is a qualified Trainer and Assessor.

In this capacity she can particularly assist other entrepreneurs in the fields of personal / spiritual growth or in therapeutic professions – women in particular – towards their personal empowerment and business success.


Konstadina offers a limited number of private sessions every month to those individuals who are willing and committed to take this journey of self-healing, positive change and upliftment.

To find out if Konstadina is the right mentor for you and how she can facilitate you towards achieving your goals, please sign up below to apply for a complimentary strategy session.

You will also receive a complimentary training on the “7 Easy Steps to Abundance Mastery” as well as our weekly e-zine with tips on how to unleash your personal and spiritual potential.

Sessions are offered in person, via the phone, Google Hangouts or Skype.

I f you are in any of the following countries I CAN CALL YOU FREE to your LANDLINE : UK – USA – CANADA – AUSTRALIA as well as Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Malta, Poland, Slovenia, Austria,Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Azores, Canary Islands, Estonia, Gibraltar, Italy, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Romania, Sweden, Belgium, Cyprus, Finland, Greece, Latvia Madeira, Southern Cyprus, Slovakia.