Journeys to Self Empowerment
This is Konstadina’s first published paperbook of 7 fiction short stories.

The themes of these stories have been influenced by the ancient Greek, Egyptian and Indian cultures. I believe they have been divinely inspired and are given with the intent to empower and enrich the reader with deep spiritual messages. Good for adults and children.

Also available for download now.
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Konstadina Sadoriniou
Konstadina is a renown Intuitive Positive Change Coach, Personal & Spiritual Growth Trainer, Matrix & Akashic Records Consultant, Intuitive Healer, Complementary Therapist, Meditation Teacher, Visionary Artist, Author and Ordained Minister (non-denominational).

Her experience spans more than 25 years during which she has traveled around the world running self development workshops and one-to-one sessions.

She is a published author and has produced a number of guided meditations, videos and personal growth digital e-courses and healing sessions.
“A beautiful set of uplifting and soul touching stories. It is truly a great piece of work. Simple yet full of inspiration for anyone who reads them.”
Dr. Pratap Midha, M.S. & Trustee, India
“I really enjoyed reading these stories and find the knowledge that humankind is stretching out our collective hearts towards enlightenment and unity in One Love to be quite exciting indeed! I feel that these stories will only hasten our success as we include our children in our efforts, en masse. Beautiful work!”
Julie Ramirez, Reg. Nurse, Healer, Colorado USA
“First, let me tell you how MARVELOUS and ENCHANTING your stories are. I took time to finish reading them today, and I don’t know which one I love most. They are WONDERFUL, not only to teach little ones, but adults too! The one about Tsuee-Muee made me cry. I was very touched by ALL of them. What FABULOUS stories—you are truly gifted and I think they are a marvelous tool to teach children. I loved them. Thank you so much for sharing them with me!
Glynna S. Rogers, Administrative Director / Healer, Texas USA
“You are truly gifted. Your children’s stories as well as “The Healing Touch” are remarkable. Keep sharing your gifts with others and you will continuously be blessed.”
Juanita Rodriguez, Retired Teacher, Texas USA
THE SACRED CHAMBERS: Journeys of Self Empowerment
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