Matrix Regeneration© is mainly a modality which uses coaching / counseling elements and energy healing techniques  and a session can be given in person or  via phone.

During this session we:

Find out what the issue is and where it originates.

  • Identify other blockages.
  • Clear the energetic imprints of the issue and perhaps other underlying issues from all the 4 bodies (physical, emotional, mental, etheric), from the meridians and the chakras.
  • Establish new positive energetic imprints that you choose.
  • Clear and re-write your matrix and akashic records.

For this work, higher energies, verbal guidance as well as unique sacred codes are being used.

This technique requires that you work on yourself between sessions – or after the completion of sessions, to reinforce the work done.

There are no negative side effects from experiencing this technique and the “healer” mainly plays the role of the facilitator (the word healer is used with the understanding that he / she is the one who is able to create the right space for someone to heal himself / herself).

The MATRIX REGENERATION© technique has been created as means to allow a person live a life free from limitations that restrict him / her from living a happy life. It can also be used as a tool for his / her spiritual and personal growth.

This modality has already been tested, resulting to very positive feedback and experiences, so it promises to assist many people towards gaining greater insight, empowerment and healing multiple aspects of their life.

You will find this technique beneficial if you:

  • Carry ancestral / family karma that does serve your highest and greatest good.
  • Carry issues from past births that block your progress.
  • Experience physical discomfort which can not be justified medically.
  • Suffer from various fears and phobias.
  • Are being ruled by limiting beliefs.
  • Are being overpowered by the “I’m not good enough” syndrome or by poor self image.
  • Experience lack of self confidence / self esteem.
  • Are controlled by negative / unhealthy behaviours.
  • Experience on – going financial, career or relationship blockages.

Each session lasts 60 to 90 minutes.

(I have originally named this technique Etheric DNA Regeneration and although the DNA is also involved in the process, the technique covers allignments in greater systems which are part of the Energy Field / Matrix of an individual so I have know named it “Matrix Regeneration”)