will smith on the law of attractionWill Smith is a success story in the field of Performing Arts, a well know actor that has earned millions.  How did he achieve that?  He shares this in the short video below.

During this interview he talks about the book “Alchemist” and how it has affected him.  An alchemist is one who is able to transform coal to diamond.  This can be taken literally or metaphorically.  It can be translated for physical or non- physical things.  The question is,  how do you achieve such a power that alchemists have?

In this inspirational video, actor Will Smith gives his interpretation and talks all about his discovery of his success formula.

He shares what the magic ingredients are and how he works around them as taught by his grandmother, that of choice, belief, clarity of goal and perseverance.

That’s what is allowing the manifestation of his dreams and goals as well as his prosperity and abundance.

Watch this short video to be inspired and motivated so you never given up.  Never give up on your dreams, never given up on life, never give up on you.





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