In the Eye of the Storm ~ guided meditation, meditation with music


There are times when we are faced with challenges and difficulties. At that point we have a choice: to let the storm spin us around or stay in the centre – the eye – of the storm for safety and better clarity.  This guided meditation will help you cope better during these difficult moments.




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Konstadina Sadoriniou

Konstadina Sadoriniou, founder of Rays of Empowerment & Healing, is a positive change coach, intuitive mentor & healer, speaker and author. Her mission is to facilitate individuals discover their uniqueness, remove their limitations & restrictions, so they can re-claim their power, unleash their potential and create a life of abundance. To receive her free e-course “The 7 Easy Steps to Abundance Mastery” as well as her weekly empowering and motivational tips towards self mastery and professional success, visit her website