Meditation is indeed a technique but when it comes to executing it correctly it becomes an art.

The technique is simple and straight forward and easy to learn.  what most people find difficult is the actual process when they try it.

But like anything else, the practice of meditation also requires consistent effort to achieve the desire results.

The secret is not to be disheartened and not to give up.  It is achievable and it is not as hard as you might think.

The second secret is not to be hard on yourself and your mind.


Watch my two videos where I share with you:

  • What is meditation really – my take;
  • What is the technique I use and
  • Tips on how to use it successfully to achieve the results you desire.






Guided meditations are helpful tools not only for the beginner but for the advanced practitioner as well, as they assist in gently guiding your mind towards specific & purposeful direction.

You can experiment with my free guided meditations by going to my Youtube channel.  You might like to subscribe there as I regularly upload new episodes.

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