Heal your chakras and

Remove blocks to your Abundance

with a

Holistic Vibrational Technique™

healing session

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Experience 8 energy healing methods in 1


  • If you feel that no matter what you do, or how hard you try you can’t seem to attract in your life the abundance you desire;
  • If you feel that there are things blocking your way but you don’t know what they are or don’t know how to clear your way;
  • If you are seeking for a healing tool that can be used easily and as often as you like to assist you in clearing those energetic imprints that stop you from creating and manifesting your dreams;

 Then this might be the tool you have been seeking.

  • No need anymore to try multiple healing methods and in multiple sessions.
  • No need to make appointment with your healer or therapist during working hours.
  • With this healing modality you can receive your healing session on demand,

When you want to,

Where you want to.

 All you need is to dedicate a time to experience the multiple

benefits of

Multiple techniques



  • Release old unhealthy and unwanted vows;
  • Release the negative attributes to your chakras & allow their original attributes to shine;
  • Remove blocks to your abundance and re-imprint new energetic stamps that attract abundance;
  • Remove etheric daggers of anger and envy that cause you physical & emotional pain;
  • Cut off the etheric cords that attach you to others who drain your energy from your being;
  • Experience the healing power channelled through from the 7 Rays, the Archangels, the Elohim and the Ascended Masters;
  • Experience the multiple benefits of:

– Aromatherapy

– Crystal therapy

– Colour therapy

– Sound therapy

– Affirmations

 2nd session
I had to memorize the purple flame all through my bodies and we were off. We cancelled three vows. I had never done that before, but it felt good. The work on the needles, daggers and such was loving, and, even though, I thought beforehand that I didn’t have them, I felt much more relaxed afterwards. The strings were cut by Michael’s sword and I could feel my shoulders relax a little more. The chakras were wonderful. Every time you moved up, the one(s) you had done and the areas around them felt wonderfully relaxed and at peace. So, after the seventh chakra I was really feeling relaxed.  My “homework” was to find “the gift”. Well, the gift in that lifetime is clear. I was able to pursue my business, fend for myself and make a living, not getting stuck in all kinds of social clutter at that time. So, it gave me space and time.

Brigitte van Lent
Neerpelt, Belgium



“Konstadina’s healing sessions were a lovely way of integrating several different healing approaches including colour therapy, past life resolution and Angelic healing. It provided a welcomed releasing space, which specifically helped me go into a clearer direction in terms of focusing on my dreams going forward.”

Reena Gagneja BA (Hons), H-hp Dip, CMA

Certified Spiritual Life Coach
United Kingdom

I have experimented with this technique both when a person is physically present and through phone sessions and the amazing thing is that in both cases the experience has been powerful and unique and highly beneficial for the recipient – as per the many testimonials I received.


In addition the Angels have told me that my voice when tuned to Spirit carries the vibrational frequencies of the healing energies I call upon so this is an additional benefits for the recipients of my work.


“During the first session I was able to gain a greater insight and understanding about the lesson behind my feelings of guilt about becoming wealthy and abundant and it has to do with learning to accept that everyone is on their own path – it is important for me to honour that, especially when I see someone in what I consider to be lacking in (esp.) wealth.

After the second session I’m noticing that I now am able to let go of worrying – sense of lack, fear over attracting money and abundance. The gift I see from the inability to receive, accept and feel worthy of financial prosperity and abundance is that not only am I working in this life to set and keep my own boundaries but it is very important for me to see, honour and respect other’s boundaries.  In other words, just because I can see where a person could be, does not mean that I have to march in and make this happen.

The session today was wonderful – I feel a sense of freedom, excitement and perhaps a little nervousness (in a good way!). It was very empowering to go back into the lifetime that this imprinting happened in and re-write my Akashic records. I am smiling more that I have for a long time – I do not feel stuck.

It’s been over a week now since my healing sessions – I am still using the affirmation from time to time.  Overall I am aware of a wonderful shift in my being.   I am still very busy with my work and my business development but, I have really noticed a joy in what I am doing, there is a definite relaxation into doing what I love to do.

On review of the process and journey I have been on since starting this healing work with you, I am aware of the positivity that I seem to have harnessed.  I know that all of my needs are looked after and I am worthy and accept wealth and opportunity… In fact, there seems to be so much opportunity bubbling up for me right now that I have booked the morning off for myself tomorrow just to plan and strategize.”

Much Love,

Moira Hutchison CTACC  DHP Acc.Hyp.
Wellness Practitioner
Ottawa, Canada




“Session 1
In this session Konstadina explained what would be done at each session.  As I had already explained previously  that the  issue I wanted to work for was really my financial situation, I was facing so many barriers that were not giving way.  After reading my Akashic record it was explained that due to a past life experience which was described to me, wealth has now become a fear in this life. Konstadina also asked me to find what could be the gift that this situation possibly presented me with.
Session 2
In this session Konstadina made me relax and she worked through the 7 seven chakras, clearing, balancing and activating each. This was a wonderful experience and could feel sensations at each chakra. I could also see flashes  of white light when my eyes were closed, and I felt something was clearing. I felt that I had learnt that false ideas and fear built into karma and are difficult to let go. Konstadina and her healing made me feel the need to focus on positives and this would clear the shadow followed in this life. My life mission was to help other people heal by giving or sending them reiki, this was a positive I want to focus on.
Session 3
My akashic records were opened with a sacred prayer and I was asked to visualise the life I would have liked in the past, old imprints were removed and a new desired imprint given.
My new imprint was that now I feel safe to be wealthy and that wealth will now be used positively for my highest and greatest good and highest and greatest good of all. I have been repeating these as affirmations as much as possible everyday.The first few days after the sessions I felt no major changes but after the 6th day things began  to change.  I never hold thoughts about wealth, no more fears about not having enough etc, what I do think about and I do focus on is sending healing to the world everyday; every morning I visualise the earth wrapped in healing light from me, sending love and harmony to all those in need..  Since then I have felt so much better! Things have started to change!! My mother in law had to go into a residential home after her older son decided to do this, and although we have not been happy her going, since I’ve visited her I’ve met so many elderly people  who I feel are sort of attracted to me when I visit them. They come to me and hold my hands and hug me, its as though they are getting a sense of healing from me. WOW it feels e great.  This is a positive for me, the more I think of other people and send them healing I seem to get quite a lot back. I’ve won money a couple of times and its as though something is telling me to continue this and the dark shadow from the past will disappear. I’m just concentrating on setting up a small business where I can visit people at home to give reiki and I know and believe this is going to happen sooner rather than late.I feel great.  Thank you Konstadina.”


Champa Mistry
Reiki Master
United Kingdom




You will get the full healing session of the Holistic Vibrational Technique plus

the session for each chakra so you can work on each one individually too.

(as mp3 downloads)


The Full Healing Session fo the Holistic Vibrational Technique™ – mp3
1st Chakra Session – mp3
2nd Chakra Session – mp3
3rd Chakra Session – mp3
4th Chakra Session – mp3
5th Chakra Session – mp3
6th Chakra Session – mp3
7th Chakra Session – mp3

 The music we have chosen has been created especially for healing and it includes powerful isochronic tone embedded in it, to take you into a deep Theta state where the best healing, regeneration and growth occurs in the body.

In addition to this powerful guided healing session available to you in audio format, you will get the following bonuses:


BONUS #1 : A audio healing session of removing “Etheric Cords” (worth $30.00)

Whenever we have relationships involving fear of any kind, we form an unhealthy attachment to one another.  These forms of dysfunction are also known as “etheric cords”, and they look like surgical tubes attached from one person to another or from one person to objects or even to addictions.  They create a conduit for energy to run between two people.  These etheric cords can drain energy from a person without hers/his conscious awareness.  It can also transfer negative energy causing even physical pain that doesn’t seem to have any medical cause.  In addition to physical pain, the etheric cords can be the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome and healer’s burnout.

The longer and stronger the relationship the larger and stronger is the cord, running the most energy back and forth.  Many people with chronic shoulder, neck, and back pain have large cords in these areas that are the true culprits.  Strong cords usually are created between family members and between “helpers” and “helpees”.

With the technique of “Cutting the Etheric Cords” a person who is willing to let go and forgive is able to free the self from all the negative aspects associated with the etheric cords. 



BONUS #2: An audio healing session of removing “Etheric Daggers” (worth $30)

When someone gets angry with us, knowingly or unknowingly is sending us negative energy.  Intense anger energy can manifest etherically into “psychic attacks” which can be seen as etheric daggers, arrows, knifes and other pointed objects pierced into our etheric body usually at the back.

These can actually cause us even physical pain.  This can also happen when we curse our self or get angry with our own self.  The power of forgiveness and of letting go is needed to be freed from these etheric daggers.


BONUS #3 : Channeled Sacred Decrees from the Light (worth $27.00)







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