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Eliminate emotional pain and experience

greater happiness, peace and abundance

with this 4 healing techniques in one session


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What You Will Learn On The Webinar...

Are you struggling with heartache, sorrow, grief, hurt about something that happened to you in the past and you feel you just can't shake off these feelings?

Do you feeling that the memory of these painful events do not allow you to enjoy your present and move forward in life?

You don't have to live with this emotional pain for the rest of your life!

 Emotional pain, sorrow or grief can be something of a temporary nature or something that goes deep and stays with us for a long long time - sometimes till we leave this body.

 However, emotional pain although might not be possible to always avoid, can be dealt with in a way that healing and freedom from it can be experienced and we can move on and away from the event or memory that has caused it.


 I would like to invite you to join me for an online healing event where I will use 4 (FOUR!) powerful and historically proven techniques to facilitate you towards:


►  releasing the grip of emotionally painful events of the long or recent past;


remove these blocks fro your life so you can experience greater self empowerment;


give you the strength, motivation to leave the past behind with easy and allow greater progress in your life;


create a platform to experience greater, happiness, joy and abundance in your life.



Eliminate emotional pain and bring greater happiness into your life!


It's an hour long session and you can have an instant access to it for just $47.00!

Yes, that's right you can experience 4 powerful healing modalities to eliminate any heartache for less than a meal in a restaurant!

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I will use:

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques),
  • hypnotherapy,
  • meditation and
  • affirmations

to give you a powerful and enriching experience so you can break through the chains of emotional pain.


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Konstadina Sadoriniou, founder of Rays of Empowerment & Healing, is a positive change coach, intuitive mentor & healer, speaker and author with over 25 years of experience in the field of personal and spiritual development. Her mission is to facilitate individuals discover their uniqueness, remove their limitations & restrictions, so they can re-claim their power, unleash their potential and create a life of abundance

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