I have been working with the Divine Matrix for quite some time now.  I consciously begun to do so by accessing the akashic records which is the energetic book of life of each individual and is of course part of the personal Matrix.

However, when working with a person’s chakras during my healing sessions, I realised that I was receiving information directly from the chakras – without the need to open their akashic records.  It was as if each chakra was speaking to me, letting me know what was not going quite right with it.  When prompted to share these insights with the recipient they could well relate with my findings.

This led me to a process which I have named Chakra Restructuring.

Chakra restructuring involves hand positioning and specific movement over each chakra – whilst the client lays on her / his back – during which I perceive and relate insights from the chakras and with the intention of clearing those energies and imprints associated with each energy vortex, deriving from the imbalanced emotions and / or limiting beliefs.

But we don’t stop there.  Working on “reverse gear” we then work on re-balancing each of the bodies major Energy Centres, with the addition of consciously re-imprinting new energetic stamps which are positive, desirable, empowering and opposite to what was there before.

This takes place with conscious and willing participation of the person.

This technique of re-structuring the matrix of the chakras, does not only give a sense of greater freedom, relief and empowerment but also a sense of rejuvenation, optimism and greater personal growth.

And of course when there is an improvement in our psychology, there is greater harmony of our energy systems which further affect the wellbeing of our physical body.

This is why I believe that Chakra Restructuring goes beyond the aspects of generally healing and balancing the chakras, as it works deeper in its matrix.