I believe that every single being on this planet desires abundance.  Maybe not all desire abundance on all things but they do desire some sort of abundance in one thing or the other.

It is a natural state of being of everyone to have opulence of things they like and enjoy.  A very basic thing many people desire is money.  This desire might not necessarily be there for the sake of money but for what the money can buy.

So many times when money is a bit in shortage in our life we tend to hold on to it a bit tighter.  Consciously we worry that if we give money out we will end up having none.  There is a bit of lack of faith in the Universe here, I guess.

What we don’t realise however, is that being given is many times – if not always hiding -behind our own giving first.  Energies always work in an exchange format.

So, if on one hand we want abundance of money but on the other hand we are no willing to invest money on ourselves or on others, how can we expect the Universe to invest in us?

If we only go after “free stuff” and when it comes to buy something that perhaps can assist us in some way in increasing our abundance how can we expect that the energy of money chooses to land on us?

Holding on to money tightly gives out a vibration of closed circuit and if we don’t allow things to go out then we also close the doors for things to come in.

If you realise that maybe subconsciously you are doing that and you would like to free yourself from this restrictive habit try the following simple things – you don’t even need to invest hundreds of dollars to start seeing positive changes.


  1. Next time the charity organisations come to your environment and request your contribution, don’t just put the usual pennies.  Put a full pound or a full dollar (or whatever is your currency).
  2. Next time you go somewhere to eat don’t just give the usual minimum tip (do you actually leave a tip for the waitress / waiter?). Give a significant extra.
  3. Buy fresh flowers for your home.
  4. Use a valet parking service.
  5. Pumper or treat yourself to something special.
  6. Spend couple of minutes each day to click a button on “the Hunger Site” which gives a cup of food to the hungry for every click – and it’s free to do.

Trying little things like these not only will open up the circuits to the flow of energy but also will make you feel good about yourself.  The “feeling good aspect” of it will bring a tremendous amount of additional attraction energy towards you.

I have had quite a few people that come to me asking me to help them with their abundance but they are unwilling to invest in themselves to realise their dreams.  They want it for free and use a very common and restrictive excuse: “I can’t afford it” or “I don’t have money”.  This approach to money simply can not attract money in their life.

So, if you feel confident that something is going to help you in one form or the other and you trust the person on the other side, then open up the circuits of the energy flow and bring that positive change in your life.  If you keep the right attitude and take the right action the Universe will return your investment to you multi-fold.

Don’t be afraid to let go of money if it is for a good cause. And if you experience the slightest feeling of guilt or hesitation for doing so, then this is something you will most likely need to work on.  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a good method in helping you clear this.