Holistic Vibrational Technique™One day I was contemplating how many healing modalities there are out there.  It probably comes to hundreds.  For them to exist, someone, somehow had an inspiration and a positive experience from them.  Some have been around since many centuries, some are brand new.  Some are well known and some are not.

I have great attraction for healing methods and that’s why I’ve been qualified to quite a few of them.  Working with people and working with the akashic records also gave me further incentive, inspiration and divine guidance to create my own.

So, as I was thinking about the benefits that each healing modality offers, I asked myself: wouldn’t it be great if all these benefits each individual technique has to offer to be simultaneously experienced within one session?  I wonder if I could combine some of them.

Then I came across a channelling of Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman in which there was the mention that the future in healing is in the combination of vibrational medicine techniques.

I considered that as a sign to follow my inspiration.  And so with the guidance of Archangels and Ascended Masters I created the Holistic Vibrational Technique ™. 

In this technique I combine 6 different healing modalities simultaneously within one session and the experience has been quite powerful.

Imagine if each of these techniques can bring so many benefits – and they must do if they are still around and people still use them successfully – how these benefits must be multiplied if these techniques are combined.

So during a session of Holistic Vibrational Technique ™ we begin by energetically and mentally preparing your body and soul to consciously and subconsciously accept the healing.

Then we work on clearing the vows you have given to yourself and / or others through out your many incarnations and do not serve your highest and greatest good any more.  We work on specific major ones which are locked in your chakra system and most likely deprive you from feeling and expressing your inner power of creation and manifestation and stop your progress and development.

In addition we imprint new statements of our conscious wish and desire related to each energy centre to develop an energy system that brings us closer to our Higher Self and so to a more fulfilling life.


  In the next step I bring together 6 healing modalities to work on each of the main 7 chakras of the body.

  • I use the energies of the Violet Flame, the Rays, the Archangels, Ascended Masters and the Elohims.
  • I use the energies of colour therapy;
  • I use the energy of aromatherapy;
  • I use the energy of crystal therapy;
  • I use the energies of healing sound through the tuning forks (or music with healing binary beats);
  • I use the energy and power of the affirmations.

For each chakra there is the use of a different Ray energy, different colour, different essential oil, different crystal, different sound and different affirmations.

I have experimented with this technique both when a person is physically present and through phone sessions and the amazing thing is that in both cases the experience has been powerful and unique and highly beneficial for the recipient – as per the many testimonials I received.

During a session of Holistic Vibrations Technique we also work on clearing the “etheric cords” and “etheric daggers”.

Removing “etheric cords”.

Whenever we have relationships involving fear of any kind, we form an unhealthy attachment to one another.  These forms of dysfunction are also known as “etheric cords”, and they look like surgical tubes attached from one person to another or from one person to objects or even to addictions.  They create a conduit for energy to run between two people.  These etheric cords can drain energy from a person without hers/his conscious awareness.  It can also transfer negative energy causing even physical pain that doesn’t seem to have any medical cause.  In addition to physical pain, the etheric cords can be the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome and healer’s burnout.

The longer and stronger the relationship the larger and stronger is the cord, running the most energy back and forth.  Many people with chronic shoulder, neck, and back pain have large cords in these areas that are the true culprits.  Strong cords usually are created between family members and between “helpers” and “helpees”.

With the technique of “Cutting the Etheric Cords” a person who is willing to let go and forgive is able to free the self from all the negative aspects associated with the etheric cords.

 Removing the “etheric daggers”.

When someone gets angry with us, knowingly or unknowingly is sending us negative energy.  Intense anger energy can manifest etherically into “psychic attacks” which can be seen as etheric daggers, arrows, knifes and other pointed objects pierced into our etheric body usually at the back.

These can actually cause us even physical pain.  This can also happen when we curse our self or get angry with our own self.  The power of forgiveness and of letting go is needed to be freed from these etheric daggers.

Holistic Vibrational Technique has proven to be a powerful modality to clear unwanted, unhealthy, low negative energies from the chakras, activate and balance these energy centres and re-imprint energies that serve your highest and greatest good.

Although I rarely give single sessions any more, if healing interests you, I have created this technique as an downloadable audioo programme so you can experience the benefits of this technique again and again.

To own this programme / audio session of a Holistic Vibrational Technique please CLICK HERE


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