Today I want to share with you about 3 crystals / gem stones that are programmed to attract more abundance in your life.

Hello this is Konstadina, host of Empowerment TV and today I want to give you some insights about 3 powerful stones that promote abundance and how to use them. This is something you can add to your abundance mastery tool kit.


The first is is CARNELIAN.

This small, translucent pebble is one of the more common of the crystals and although usually known with it’s dark orange colour it is appears in red, pink and brown.

A high energy stone, is excellent in restoring vitality and motivation, stimulate creativity and helps you in trusting yourself.

Not only a great protector of negative energies and promoting positive life choices, it motivates for success in business and other matters.

To invoke protection as well as invite abundance into your home place carnelian near the front door of your house.

Next gemstone is dendritic agate.
Clear, brown or green in colour appears transparent with a fern-like markings looking like a tree  and that’s why the name. Dentritic agate is known as the stone of plentitute. It brings abundance and fullness to all areas of life including business and agriculture.  You have to be patient with it though as it works slowly and takes time to be fully effective so you will need to wear it for long periods to gain maximum benefit.

The third crystal I want to talk to you about is Zincite.

Usually found a an orange-yellow grainy mass this powerful stone attracts abundance at a physical and spiritual level and aids in the manifestation process.  In addition it removes energy blocks allowing the life force to flow and re-energises depleted energy systems.  Zincite also assists in synthesising physical and personal energy with creativity.  Moreover, it instills confidence and the ability to find your own strength.  These attributes are all necessary prerequisites to attract abundance.

So these are 3 abundance stones but I’m going to share with you a forth one. It’s more of a specialised type of crystal rather than a specific stone and I’m talking about the one that consists of one long quartz crystal and many small crystals clustered around its base.  Its function is to attract more abundance in your life.  The best place to put it is in the wealth corner of your house or business.  In case you don’t know where that is, find the farthest rear left of the front door of your house or office.

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This is Konstadina Sadoriniou till next time stay in your personal power.